Indoor hammock: How to hang a hammock indoors

Indoor hammock is perfect for relaxation

An Indoor hammock are the perfect alternative to sitting or stretching out on the couch. If you want to relax you can hang a hammock in your home. This is the perfect type of hammock for those who live in flats and apartments, who don’t have space outdoors in a garden. You don’t have to give up having a hammock, simply hang one in the living room or bedroom.

Indoor hammocks in tropical themed bedroom

I recently re-decorated my bedroom and came up with the idea of having a tropical theme. On the main wall that runs alongside the bed I put up a huge wall mural that shows a balcony overlooking a blue lagoon and stunning vegetation and palm trees. I then put up a decorative Bali style mosquito net over the bed and filled the bed with colourful cushions.

Indoor hammocks

Above the bed is a poster in the style of a 3D window. On the opposite wall to the large mural is another window mural showing blue water, beach and yet more palm trees. At the sides of the window murals a put up curtains, giving the idea that you are actually looking out onto a tropical beach. The result is very relaxing and it doesn’t take long to get to sleep when I play sounds of the ocean on my smartphone as I drift off to sleep. You too can enjoy an indoor hammock bed.

3d window

Hang your indoor hammocks safely

Of course there was one thing missing and this was an indoor hammock. My friends and family thought I was crazy when I suggested hanging a hammock indoors. However I Googled it and found that I wasn’t alone in wanting to have a hammock indoors. Indoor hammocks in the UK are popular. I chose the hammock below and hung it facing the wall mural. It is the perfect place to chill out and read or listen to music and yes I have fallen asleep on the hammock too.

indoor hammock

So if you want to hang an indoor hammock, you will need your hammock and hammock accessories that are reliable for your own safety, to make sure the hammock is secure. Check out the video below for how to hang an indoor hammock.

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